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Skunk butt!       SkunkWks is a world in the ActiveWorlds "universe". You can read about my inspiration for SkunkWks VR world in the Early SkunkWks section of my History page. SkunkWks has changed over the years and the Design page is the best place to learn about the modern SkunkWks. Finally, the Etymology of "SkunkWks".

The SkunkWks VR world and the website are in NOT associated with Capp Enterprises, Inc. or Lockheed Martin Corp.

This Week in SkunkWks

NaNoWriMo participant for 2009.       2009-Oct-12  I haven't updated this site since December of 2005. Shame on me! Still alive. Still kickin'.

I'll be doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Participated in 2005, 2007, and 2008. This time I got some good peeps around me. Maybe I'll get the full 50,000 words done by the 30th.

Although I haven't written the full 50,000 words in years past. I did move my stories forward and I did create some good chapters. I consider myself a winner in that respect.

What's New on the Website

2009-Oct-12  Nothing new on this site except this page. Been working on other sites and other projects (and some in AW).

2005-12-03  I've got a spiffy new index page in Stories and a new section under stories called A Life for Rent. I've also polished and added a bit in Doctor Avant.

2005-11-27  I was poking around my server logs and discovered someone has been "borrowing" an image off my server (the skunk butt image, above). I've renamed it for now, and replaced the original with a low-bandwidth ad for this site. If someone wants content from this site, please ask first, I'll probably give it to you.

2005-11-25  Did a bit of reorganization in the Stories/Random area. Pulled out my NaNo effort, which is becoming a novel, and put it in a hidden (for now) area.

2005-09-22  New website navigation: I've added Thoughts and grayed out links leading to major sections that are still under construction. Thoughts used to be Thoughts on Writing, but I've expanded the scope to include VR, AI, AW, SkunkWks the world and the website, and writing. It's a blog, sorta, but without the fancy blog software.

2005-09-19  My conversion of the site is finally done (see 2005-09-16). I have 46 full-sized public pages, 5 "helper" files (the templates and processing for Contact Me), 6 popup pages, 1 PDF file, 45 full-sized pages hiding in password-protected folders, 8 full-sized hidden pages (not linked), and a whopping 67 forwards on the server to redirect people from the old resource/location to the new. All but two of my pages validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional. I'm thinking actually writing some white papers would be nice, and creating something under Design to show where I'm at on my projects would be good too.

2005-09-16  The last several days I've been working on and off to recode the whole website. Besides redoing the structure of where my stories are found and organized, I've created a system of template pages. Content pages call the appropriate template page to create a complete page (this happens on the server). Hopefully, this will make site maintenance a bit easier. I've also freshened up the styles, converted the code from HTML 4.01 transitional to XHTML 1.0 transitional, redid the popup pages, and created a new ScottyDM section with an e-mail form. I'm not quite done with all this yet.

2005-09-01  I have a new story posted I call Beach Tour. I wrote it as an entry in a writing contest. I've also started recoding the site, and creating a new section called Stories. I'll be moving all of Bot Story into the new section.

2005-07-16  I have a favicon for the website now. It's a bit difficult to see what it is at only 16 x 16 pixels, so I put a larger version at the top of this page.

More website history going back to 2004-02-25, but the actual history goes back to early 2003. Each section within Stories has it's own formal change log:

Who's to Blame for this Site

Who is doing this? ScottyDM, ActiveWorlds citizen 171716. You can learn a bit more about me on the ScottyDM page, where you'll also find an e-mail contact form. Or you can just explore this website. More information is scattered here and there.

When exploring the site, note that pages with a green background are public pages, accessible via public links. Feel free to link to any full sized public (green) page from anywhere on the Web.

Please do not include elements from this website on your own pages, or copy content to your site. If you see something here you'd like to use, ask. I'll probably give it to you, but ask first.

As of 2005-12-03, in the public areas of this web site there are 53 full-sized pages and 6 popups.

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