The Etymology of "SkunkWks"

The name SkunkWks is a contraction of skunkworks. The shortened name being a requirement of the ActiveWorlds software, which has an eight-character limit for world names.

Skunkworks , or skunk works , was derived from the Skonk Works (note the second strip on that page) of Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner , which ran from 1934 to 1977 . Capp's Skonk Works was managed by an unpopular fellow named Big Barnsmell .

In 1943 Lockheed Corp. in Burbank, California spun off a development group which became known as The Skunk Works and managed by Clarence Johnson ; thereby further popularizing the term and giving it the more modern spelling. In the mid 50s, Lockheed moved their Skunk Works to Plant 42 near Palmdale, California.

In the 60s and later, many companies formed skunkworks groups or skunk projects and consultants sprang up to either teach them how , or to discount the practice .

In 1980 Lockheed Corp. applied for its first federal trademark for the phrase "Skunk Works". In 1995 Martin Marietta and Lockheed merged to form Lockheed Martin Corporation .

The SkunkWks VR world and the web site are in NOT associated with Capp Enterprises, Inc. or Lockheed Martin Corp.