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To cut clutter on the home page, old news is archived here.

More Website History

2005-06-24  With the republishing of chapter 3 I decided I didn't need Do the Hop! (experimental) or any related pages, so I removed them.

2005-06-14  Republished chapter 3 of Bot Story, Book 2.

2005-05-09  Converted entire website to PHP scripting, putting common page elements into scripts. Left in HTML redirect pages where necessary, so search engine links and your bookmarks will continue to work. Corrected a site wide bug in the StatCounter code. Incremental update to Do the Hop! (experimental).

2005-05-01  Removed chapter 3 of Bot Story, Book 2 (again). In its place I've put up something I call Do the Hop! (experimental), which is the ending of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4 written two different ways.

2005-04-12  Republished chapter 3 of Bot Story, Book 2. I had removed chapter 3 back in March because it needed major changes.

2005-04-11  Did a minor update to Bot Story, Book 2, chapter 2.

2005-04-04  Did a minor update to Bot Story, Book 2, chapter 1.

2005-03-31  Added "This Week in SkunkWks" to the Home page and made minor corrections.

2005-03-12  Bot Story, Book 2: Updated chapters 1 and 2 and removed chapter 3.

2005-02-06  Fiddled with the Home page and the Links page.

2005-01-03  Bot Story, Book 2: Updated chapter 1, published chapters 2 and 3. Fixed the Work in Progress link on Design page.

2004-12-15  Spun the Etymology of "SkunkWks" out of the Home page.

2004-12-13  Rewrote portions of the Home page, History, and Design. Added the More Website History page. Sped up the Splash page.

2004-10-02  Updated Bot Story, Book 2 – Milliscent Awakens, chapter 1 with version 2.0 beta. Corrected some stuff in the Book 2 index page.

2004-09-29  Added statistical page analysis to site (the page hit counter).

2004-08-25  Added Shazam! pages where necessary to control reader access.

2004-08-21  Fattened up the home page a bit. Fiddled with meta tags on many pages for improved spider crawlability.

2004-08-18  Rewrote The Rainbow Bridge.

2004-08-09  Tweaked the Design page a bit.

2004-08-03  Moved Projects and made it a sub-section of Design. Added a new section, White Papers (serious speculation on the future of ActiveWorlds and networked VR). Added a bunch of Private pages for Bot Story development. Started fiddling with adding a Forum.

2004-07-25  Due to the coming rewrite of Bot Story, I've removed the PDF (printable) files for all chapters. The HTML version still exists.

2004-07-23  Tweaked the navigation bars. Fixed a few minor problems here and there.

2004-07-20  Created the Design pages, and moved several paragraphs from History to Design. Created the Announcement and Plea for Help page in Bot Story. Redid the site navigation links and added a page banner. And finally, converted site to use cascading style sheets (CSS)

2004-05-09  Some History page edits including adding another screen shot.

2004-05-06  Created the History page. Screen shots and real content, oh boy! Created an empty Projects page. Edited main page of each section to beef up the links bar. Edited the Home page. Joined a webring.

2004-05-05  Fiddled with HTML to make pages prettier.

2004-05-04  Published chapter 10 of Bot Story. Updated PDF files for Book 2 (added chapter 10).

2004-04-09  Published PDF files for chapters 8 and 9 of Bot Story (Book 2 so far).

2004-04-04  Published chapter 9 of Bot Story.

2004-03-11  Published PDF files for Introduction and three of the five appendixes for Bot Story.

2004-02-25  Published PDF files Book 1 of Bot Story (chapters 1 through 7).

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