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ScottyDM at Colorado National Monument, near a sandstone rock with some interesting weathering patterns.
Vacationing, western Colorado, 2002

I'm known in the offline world as Scott Miller, but online I'm ScottyDM. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) with my wife Arlene. Our daughter Tiffany is in College.

I became interested in computers when I was in high school, that was back in the early 70s. At junior college in the Midwest, I earned an AAS degree in electronics technology.

After graduation I moved out to Silicon Valley in California where my first job was with Intel, followed by a succession of startup companies.

View from out cabin in the Colorado Rockies, looking west toward the Collegiates. Altitude is 10,090' above sea level.
View from west of Pikes Peak, 2002

In the mid 80s Arlene and I moved to Colorado. To be adequately employed, I bounced between Silicon Valley and Colorado Springs and earned a BSEE from a Northwestern Polytechnic University in Freemont, California at that time.

From early 1995 to late 1998, I ran consulting company which did chip design work. Since then I've been working as a temporary employee, mostly in Colorado. I am a Freelance Chip Designer and Silicon Mercenary.

Photo of back of head while at work, taken by a sneaky coworker (at least I was awake). Dual 19" monitors!
Contract chip design, Compaq, 2002

I've been involved with Windows NT and 2000 Professional since early 1995, networking, Cisco routers, firewalls, etc. since early 1999, and Windows NT and 2000 Server since early 2000.

I became a citizen in AW about May of 1997 and have citizen number 171716. I started hosting worlds in March of 2000. I belive that VR will become huge, and a major part of the Internet of the future. Unfortunately the technology is decades away from what is required for VR to become a compelling application.

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