Doctor Avant:  Change Log

Note; this change log represents changes only to the content of the Doctor Avant story pages. Changes to HTML would be reflected in the date at the bottom of each page.

Date Type Severity Comments
2005-12-27 Change Important Changes from the contest version of Beach Tour: A substantial rewrite of the first two paragraphs; changed "genomes" to "genes"; numerous small changes to punctuation; added a missing "the"; and changed a few word pairs to contractions. The opening is still a bit slow.
2005-12-18 Change Trivial Trivial changes to the Table of Contents (one word) and Writing Beach Tour (fixed link)
2005-12-03 New Important Added the new Appendix: After Melpomene's Daughter and a place-holder page for Early Years.
2005-12-03 Change Trivial Fixed page coding on the Table of Contents and Writing Beach Tour pages to add 'id' parameters to the heading tags. You can now link into these pages.
2005-11-14 Change Trivial Super trivial changes to the Beach Tour HTML page, and to Inspiration page.
2005-09-17 Change Important Completely reorganized the stories on this web site. Moved Beach Tour from its own folder into Doctor Avant Stories.
2005-09-17 New Important Created a new section for the Doctor Avant Stories.
2005-08-31 New Important Published Beach Tour in HTML and PDF formats.

Severity levels are: Important, Moderate, and Trivial.