Doctor Avant:
    Status of Melpomene's Daughter

While shuffling scenes around, I cut the scene that had the setup explaining who Doctor Omar Zort is, and his relationship to Doctor Avant. Without that setup, working Doctor Zort into the final scene will be clumsy, so I've dropped him from the story. Because the original title of Zort, Baby! no longer fit, I came up with the present title of Melpomene's Daughter, which I feel is much stronger.

The deleted scene would be 5.5 on this list. It had a lot of necessary setup for the last two scenes, but it spoiled the ending, so it had to go. Because of its removal, the next to last scene has ballooned in size and complexity. This prompted me to insert what is now scene 4.

Currently there are eight scenes. Here is the status for each:

  1. Early May, steam tunnels and getaway van, first draft, 100%, 3100 words.
  2. Next morning, the new safe house, first draft, 100%, 1500 words.
  3. Days later, the farm with John, first draft, 100%, 900 words.
  4. Mid May, the farm in Dirk's study, outline.
  5. July 4th morning, farm kitchen and barn, first draft, 100%, 1700 words.
  6. July 4th noon, farmyard with guests, first draft, 100%, 1400 words.
  7. July 4th noon, farm bedroom, first draft, 70%, 3100 words.
  8. July 4th noon, farmyard and barn, outline.

I can't really proceed with scene 7 until I finish scene 4, and I expect the finished scene 7 to be smaller than its current size. Also, I think I can put a nice tie into the new title in scene 4. I'm wondering if I should echo and explain the title in the final scene, or just let the less knowledgeable readers wonder.