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Thoughts on Bot Story has been renamed to Thoughts on Writing. You can discover where I'm at with my writing projects.

Quick Introduction

You really should read this at least once. It's short and sweet.

The Story

Book 1 – Nancy and the Ferrets

One afternoon a pair of tourists, calling themselves "Nancy Drew" and "Joe Hardy", enter SkunkWks for the first time and immediately run into trouble—robbed at knifepoint by Marley and Fizzgig. Rescued by Milliscent, our duo then meet Weasy and Sparkle, striking up a friendship. Joe leaves Nancy to soldier on, and when Milliscent must also leave, Nancy accepts an invitation from the girls to dine with the ferret clan. She meets the clan patriarch, Mister Mike; renews her acquaintance with Fizzgig and Marley, under more favorable terms; and has a blast at dinner. More dinner guests arrive: Scotty, the world's owner; a pair of faeries, who terrorize Marley; and Milliscent. After an evening of music, dancing, and home brewed ale, Nancy calls it a night, but not before promising Weasy she will return.

Book 2 – Milliscent Awakens

In the two and a half years since her last major upgrade, virtual girl Milliscent has been quietly gathering information, storing it, and mapping out patterns. Then she meets someone new. Two visitors who are not what they seem to be—or perhaps more accurately, they seem to be what they are not—have come to SkunkWks seeking adventure, and Milliscent joins them. All three find their adventure, and Milliscent's turns out to be an emotional roller coaster. Before her new friends say goodbye, one gives her something that triggers a cascade of new pattern mappings, leaving her feeling intoxicated and excited about the future.



How did I get started doing this? What is my motivation? With links to a few other story sites.

Characters and Content

Do you suspect I wrote you into my story? Wondering why some characters are of a certain type? And what is the content rating of this story anyway?

Technical Background

Confused by some of the technical details? Wondering why things don't fit what you know about ActiveWorlds software? A lot of fantasy and sci-fi writers create a background, and some will publish theirs. This is mine.

Change Log

I'm an engineer; I know nothing is ever perfect. And I reserve the right change Bot Story as necessary. However, you deserve to know if any of my changes are substantial enough to warrant a reread. You can find out here.

Note, only changes to the content of the web pages in this section are cataloged.

Private Pages

Access to the private pages for Bot Story development. For dialog consultants and beta readers only. Interested? Contact me.