Bot Story:
    Book 1 – Nancy and the Ferrets

Author's Notes

This book needs a lot of work. The title is Nancy and the Ferrets, but we don't meet Nancy or any ferrets until about 1/4 of the way into the first chapter. Point of view is shallow and hops from character to character. Then chapter 6 has almost nothing at all to do with Nancy or ferrets. Plus there are grammar errors.

This book will be undergoing some changes a few months from now, after the rewrite and completion of Book 2 – Milliscent Awakens. Until then, enjoy....

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  We meet Milliscent, Fizzgig, and Marley along with a couple of unsuspecting tourists who call themselves 'Nancy Drew' and 'Joe Hardy'. Everything seems to start out rather badly for the tourists, but by the end of the chapter Joe begins to enjoy things just a little too much to suit Nancy.

Chapter 2

  Milliscent takes Nancy and Joe to get ice cream from Don Key at the beach. They meet Weasy and Sparkle. Joe has to leave suddenly, leaving Nancy surrounded by all these fur persons and weird crustaceans. Sadly, Milliscent must go back to her post as greeter in the main clearing, leaving Nancy in the paws of the two ferrets.

Chapter 3

  Nancy follows Weasy and Sparkle back to their hole (home) for a dinner and a party. Along the way she is introduced to the wonders of the vortex. When they meet Fizzgig on the trail, Sparkle keeps her word to Nancy about what she'll do to him next time she sees him.

Chapter 4

  Nancy meets Mr. Mike, who being a gentleman, refrains from murdering her. She gets a tour of the ferrets' hole, comes to an understanding with Marley and helps Weasy and Sparkle prepare for the dinner party.

Chapter 5

  The party gets off to a great start and Nancy's special recipe is a real hit. When Scotty shows up minor mayhem ensues and Nancy learns something of ferret courtship ritual – it involves teeth.

Chapter 6

  Faeries! Naturally when Lumina and Nimbus arrive things get crazy fast. Marley bears the brunt of their tricks, but Mr. Mike and Scotty also receive a little too much attention for comfort. Then when Nimbus falls ill, the ferrets and Nancy are left to party alone.

Chapter 7

  Nancy and Weasy have a conversation about life, the universe and (almost) everything. Nancy logs off for bed, but more revelers arrive. Finally Mr. Mike and Weasy turn in for the night, sharing a bit of intimacy before falling asleep.

<end of book 1>