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    Book 2 – Milliscent Awakens

Author's Notes

This book is currently undergoing a major rewrite. Several things have changed since Book 1: Nancy Drew becomes Moon Shadow; Don Key becomes Edgar Egret; Scotty becomes Dougie McDonnell; Natalie Woods becomes The White Woods; The Woods of Westermain becomes Choblyn Wood; the pond near The Center for Advanced Stuff and the stream that flows out if it become Ariannu's Well and the River Ariannu.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to start a story that will probably not be fully completed until the end of 2005, plunge right in....

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  Milliscent wakes up at The Center and goes through her morning routine. Then she meets Fizzy at the clearing to share greeter duty. They eat a late breakfast and finish just as a pair of citizens enter SkunkWks for the first time. Status: v2.0, beta 2.2

Chapter 2

  Cisco and Tedd, two visitors who are not what they seem to be—or perhaps more accurately, they seem to be what they are not—have come to SkunkWks seeking adventure. At the mention of a ruined castle, Cisco declares his quest and an exploration party is quickly formed. Status: v2.0, beta 1.3

Chapter 3

  On the way to the entrance of the castle, the group becomes sidetracked when they find a series of artifacts. When they find something of great importance, Milli personalizes the find, dragging Tedd into her private world, while Cisco forms a different theory. Status: v2.0, beta 2.0

Chapter 4

  Cisco gives his interpretation of the find and the group Continues toward the castle entrance. Tedd becomes momentarily distracted and injures himself. After a refreshing soak in the pool below the waterfall and a brief discussion about Cisco's favorite alien, the group is ready to move on. Status: temporally removed, v2.0 being written

Chapter 5

  Once our adventures gain entrance to the walled village, entering the castle is easy. Inside, Cisco is in his element and runs around exploring, Tedd's leg starts to hurt him again, leaving Milli and Cisco to explore the dungeons alone. Milli must leave and Cisco has an encounter with the residents of the castle. Status: v 2.0 being written, about 80% done

Chapter 6

  The three adventures escape the castle and find themselves on the road to the rock quarry.... Status: v 2.0 being written, about 20% done

Chapter 7

  Milli... Status: v 2.0 not started yet