Bot Story:  Change Log

Note; this change log represents changes only to the content of the Bot Story pages. Changes to HTML would be reflected in the date at the bottom of each page.

Date Type Severity Comments
14-Jun-05 Change Important Republished Book 2, chapter 3, v2.0, beta 2.0. Removed Do the Hop! (experimental), we are done with it. Updated Book 2 Table of Contents.
09-May-05 Change Trivial Updates to Do the Hop! (experimental) changed to beta 1.3.
05-May-05 Change Trivial Updates to Do the Hop! (experimental)
01-May-05 Change Important Temporally removed Book 2, chapter 3 until I decide what to do with the end of the chapter. Meanwhile I've published Do the Hop! (experimental) in which I show the two possible endings of that chapter. Updated Book 2, Table of Contents.
19-Apr-05 Change Trivial Minor tweaks to Book 2, chapter 2 to v2.0 beta 1.3.
12-Apr-05 Change Important Republished Book 2, Chapter 3, v2.0, beta 1.1 and the Table of Contents page.
10-Apr-05 Change Trivial Incremental update to Book 2, Chapter 2 to v2.0, beta 1.2.
08-Apr-05 Change Trivial Updated Book 2, Chapter 2 to v2.0, beta 1.1.
05-Apr-05 Change Trivial Updated Quick Introduction and the Table of Contents page for Book 2.
04-Apr-05 Change Trivial Updated Book 2, Chapter 1 to v2.0, beta 2.2, a few changes for readability.
12-Mar-05 Change Important Updated Book 2, Chapter 1 to v2.0, beta 2.1 and Chapter 2 to v2.0, beta 1.0. Removed Book 2, Chapter 3 until I get a chance to update it. Updated Book 2 Table of Contents.
16-Jan-05 Change Trivial Changed Author's Notes on the Table of Contents page for Book 1 and Book 2.
03-Jan-05 Change Important Updated Book 2 Chaper 1 to beta 1.5. Added Chapter 2 v2.0, beta 0.4, and Chapter 3 v2.0, beta 0.1.
21-Dec-04 Change Important Removed Help Me page and all referrences to it.
22-Nov-04 Change Trivial Updated Book 2, chapter 1 with newer v2.0 beta 1.3. Maybe this is the last update to chapter 1 for awhile.
19-Nov-04 Change Important Updated Book 2, chapter 1 with newer v2.0 beta 1.2.
13-Nov-04 Change Trivial Corrected spelling error on the Table of Contents page.
11-Nov-04 Change Important Replaced Book 2, chapter 1 with newer v2.0 beta 1.1 and removed other Book 2 chapters from public access. Modified Book 2 table of contents page to reflect changes.
20-Oct-04 Change Trival Changed two words in chapter 1 of Book 1 and removed link at bottom of page. Changed description for Book 2 in on the Contents page.
11-Oct-04 Change Important Major change to the Dialog Consultant section of the Help Me page. Added Private Pages link to Table of Contents page.
04-Oct-04 Change Trivial Tweaked Table of Contents page for Book 2.
02-Oct-04 Change Trivial Removed last references to PDF files within Bot Story.
02-Oct-04 Change Important Replaced chapter 1 of Book 2 with the version 2.0 beta.
30-Aug-04 Change Trivial Changed "common" to "come on" in chapters 1 and 2 of Book 1.
20-Aug-04 Change Trivial I missed some chapter numbering on the Announcement and Plea for Help page, fixed. Removed links to the last of the PDF files, too many changes happening to maintain.
17-Aug-04 Change Moderate Renumbered chapters in Book 2, and I've left you an Easter Egg. Also changed Bot Story Index to reflect these changes. Made minor changes to Book 1, chapters 1 and 6. Moved page, bad008.htm into Private area.
20-Jul-04 New Important Bot Story is changing and I need your help, there are new pages added dealing with this.
20-Jul-04 Change Important Serious changes to Technical Background and minor changes to the other two Appendices. New PDF file for Appendices.
20-Jul-04 Change Trivial Some readability changes to Quick and refactored Bad008 to place before and after paragraphs side-by-side. Minor change to Table Of Contents. Changed appearance of all pages (adding CSS), changed navigation, changed boilerplate in the footer on each page.
03-May-04 New Important Published chapter 10, Published updated PDF files for Book 2 (chapters 8 through 10). Index page updated.
03-May-04 Change Trivial Changed a sentence in chapter 9.
09-Apr-04 New Important Published PDF files for chapters 8 and 9.
04-Apr-04 Change & New Important Published chapter 9. You finally get to meet the new characters, Trelane and Tedd Foxx. Also rewrote the first quarter of chapter 8, it was horrid, felt choppy and generally needed a rewrite, and changed Millie's diet.
11-Mar-04 Change Trivial Rewrote portions of Introduction and the 3 main Appendices for clarity. Formatting changes in the twin PDF files for Book 1 and the addition of a copyright notice.
11-Mar-04 New Important Published Introduction and 3 of the 5 Appendices as PDF files. In both double-sided and single-sided formats.
26-Feb-04 New Trivial Created a second PDF file for Book 1. Now you have a choice; formatted for double-sided or single-sided printing. Links on Index page.
25-Feb-04 Change & New Important Published Book 1 as a single PDF file. In the course of whipping Book 1 into shape for publishing; I found and corrected several typos, split and recombined several sentences and a paragraph, reworked punctuation, and reworded several sentences for clarity. All changes have been folded back into the HTML version of Book 1 and the Index page.
21-Feb-04 Change Trivial Simplified last paragraphs of Technical Background.
17-Feb-04 Change Moderate Fixed Spaceship Story link on Inspiration page.
16-Feb-04 Change Moderate Rearranged the Index page to bring the more important subjects toward the top. Added a paragraph and link about AW, Corp. to Inspiration. Changed two sentences in The Story & Characters page. Major changes to the last section of Technical Background and a few changes elsewhere on that page.
15-Feb-04 Change Trivial Split a paragraph in chapter 1. Minor wording changes in chapter 2.
05-Jan-04 Change Trivial Added half a sentence to chapter 8 about Millie startling a small heard of deer as she is running through the woods.
11-Dec-03 Change Trivial Italicized words I forgot to do when published and minor wording changes in chapter 8.
04-Dec-03 Change Trivial Corrected minor typos in Index and Technical pages.
03-Dec-03 New Important Published chapter 8, which is the start of Book 2.
02-Dec-03 Change Trivial Added end of chapter markers.
02-Nov-03 Change & New Trivial Changed a word on Index and About pages. Added a paragraph to top of Index page. Added sentence to bottom of this page.
10-Oct-03 Change Moderate Edited chapters 1 through 7: Modified Millie's warning to Nancy and the description of Millie in chapter 1 (see Thoughts for 08-Oct-03). Consistent use of 'crawfish' by Nancy. Consistent spelling of 'faerie'. Rewrote a few sentences for clarity and minor wording changes in others. Changed name of RPG world and blue faerie's reaction to Marley in chapter 6. Punctuation and typos. Minor rewrite of love scene end of chapter 7.
07-Oct-03 Change & New Trivial Minor changes & clarifications to support pages Quick & Inspiration. Added a new supporting page called Thoughts.
03-Oct-03 Change Trivial Very minor changes to chapter 7, fixed a few awkward sentences, changed 'two' to 'too', etc.
02-Oct-03 Change & New Trivial Changed the spelling of Weasy's name from 'Weazy' to 'Weasy' due to reader feedback, she is Weasy the weasel, not Weazy the asthmatic. Added Change Log page.
01-Oct-03 Change & New Important Rewrite of chapters 1 & 2 (suggest a reread), published chapters 3 through 7 to the web site, completely changed structure of web site (new URLs). Added Index page and other supporting pages (Quick, Inspiration, About, & Background).
04-Apr-03 New Important Published chapters 1 & 2 to the web site.

Severity levels are: Important, Moderate, and Trivial.