Bot Story:  Quick Introduction

Bot Story takes place in a Virtual Reality environment called ActiveWorlds (or simply AW). AW is a real place , but to make the story interesting I had to change a few things around. The time is approximately 20 to 30 years in the future, and some of the human characters are either real people or are loosely modeled after real people.

Therefore the VR experience of the story is a lot more immersive. Human visitors cannot live in VR, we still need breaks for real-life functions, and we still have to use some imagination to fill in the blanks. The primary limitation is the human/machine interface. Naturally the bots (computer characters) are a lot smarter than today's bots. Some of the best ones exhibit self-awareness, but can still get confused if pressed—that is they would not pass the Turing Test if given by a hostile tester.

I try not to speculate on processor types, memory quantities, or MHz that might be necessary to support the VR of the story. If I do mention those I'll try to use comparative generalities, such as a particular machine is a PC, or a multiprocessor server.

Bot Story primarily revolves around the bots living in my personal VR world I call SkunkWks. Naturally there will be plenty of human interaction, as a steady stream of human visitors pours through SkunkWks.

I hope you enjoy Bot Story.