A Life for Rent:  Table of Contents

Trapped in a nomadic life-style by his instincts, a genetically engineered fox must use his intellect, determination, and the help of his human friends to break free.

Alternate title: Instinct and Intellect

Sample Chapters

Under construction.

Short Stories

Once again I've entered a short story in the WatchingStone AnthroStory contest , this one is for Fall '05.

Family Matters

When a young human woman brings her genetically engineered vulpine boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, the fox has an uphill battle convincing her family he is worthy of their daughter's attention.

For those who prefer Adobe PDF format: Family Matters in PDF .

This short story is taken from an incident in A Life for Rent. You might consider it a sample chapter, although in the novel the incident may take more space and be a little "fuller" than in this story—there is a 3,500-word limit to the contest. Also, some character names may change for the novel. Special bonus: I've managed to work in both working and alternate novel titles (or something very close to them) into this story.



Under construction.


Under construction.

Vulpine Poetry

I'm not a very good poet, but I needed some poetry for my story. Here is my interpretation of nursery rhymes and short poems—as foxes would write them.

Change Log

As an engineer I know nothing is ever perfect, and I like to present my best work. As nothing on the Internet is cast in stone, I sometimes refine and rewrite my stories. You deserve to know if any of my changes are substantial enough to warrant a reread, and can find out here.

Note, only changes to the contents of the web pages in A Life for Rent are cataloged.

Private Pages

Access to the private pages for A Life for Rent. For beta readers only. Interested? Contact me.