A Life for Rent:  Change Log

Note; this change log represents changes only to the content of A Life for Rent public web pages. Changes to HTML would be reflected in the date at the bottom of each page.

Date Type Severity Comments
2005-12-20 New & Change Important Published Family Matters in HTML and PDF. Modified the Table of Contents to add links to the new content.
2005-12-18 Change Important Modified the Table of Contents to prepare for the Fall '05 WatchingStone AnthroStory contest. The contest entry will be published 2005-12-21.
2005-12-05 New & Change Important Added the page, Vulpine Poetry. Modified the Table of Contents to reflect the added page.
2005-12-03 New & Change Moderate Minor changes to the Table of Contents. Added a place holder page for Changes and Inspiration. Enabled links from the Stories main page.
2005-11-25 New Important Launch of the section: A Life for Rent

Severity levels are: Important, Moderate, and Trivial.