Private Life for Rent:  Table of Contents

Private Life for Rent is for the development of A Life for Rent, trying out rewrites, new characters, dialog styles, etc.

These web pages have been created for: myself, to gather my thoughts; dialog consultants; and beta readers. Visitors by invitation only, please do not share the URL of this page, or any other private page. And of course do not tell anyone else the user name or password to access these pages. You can always tell when you are in the private pages because the background is different than the rest of the SkunkWks website.

A Life for Rent

Chapter 1

Version 0.0, beta 0.0, 2005-11-25


Character Studies

These character studies are designed to keep me on track as I write A Life for Rent. They contain detailed information about the character: race or species, interests, motivations, a physical description, relationships, etc.


A Life for Rent was inspired by the Dido song, Life for Rent. See the music video.

Change Log

A detailed history of changes to the content of these Private pages.