Random Short Stories:  Table of Contents

This is the place for random short stories written by me, ScottyDM.

The Stories

The Rainbow Bridge

Back in 2001 I found this story while looking for photos of skunks, but didn't save a bookmark for it. A few days later I wanted a copy of the story, but couldn't find the original (the Internet is sometimes like that). So I rewrote it from memory, embellished it, and refined it a bit. I have since found that original Rainbow Bridge story (see "...and beyond"). Although that may be the original version with a skunk, I suspect there are many other versions featuring other types of pets. This is my retelling of The Rainbow Bridge.

Other Short Stories

I keep notes on my story ideas. My current list contains fantasy and sci-fi ideas, with each of these as a working title and a single paragraph. I've expanded one of these story concepts into a novel, and it is on top of my work pile for 2005. Perhaps in 2006, I'll start work on some of my other ideas.


Change Log

As an engineer I know nothing is ever perfect, and I like to present my best work. As nothing on the Internet is cast in stone, I sometimes refine and rewrite my stories. You deserve to know if any of my changes are substantial enough to warrant a reread, and can find out here.

Note, only changes to the contents of the web pages in Random Short Stories are cataloged.

Private Pages

Access to the private pages for Random Short Stories development. For beta readers only. Interested? Contact me.