Random Short Stories:  Change Log

Note; this change log represents changes only to the content of the Random Short Story pages. Changes to HTML would be reflected in the date at the bottom of each page.

Date Type Severity Comments
2005-11-25 New & Change Important Rewrote the Table of Contents. Created this Change Log.
2005-09-17 New & Change Important Completely reorganized the stories on this web site. Pulled The Rainbow Bridge out of the Skunks section and into Random here in Stories. Created a Table of Contents page for Random Short Stories.
2004-08-18 Change Moderate Did an extensive rewrite of The Rainbow Bridge.
????- New Important Published my version of The Rainbow Bridge to this website under Skunks.
2001- New Important Read the original Rainbow Bridge staring a skunk, then a few days later rewrote it from memory. My original version was a .DOC file.

Severity levels are: Important, Moderate, and Trivial.