Thoughts, a Blog: 2004, 4th Quarter

A blog about my efforts at writing.

2004-12-21 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

A lot has been happening behind the scenes. Book 2 is moving forward with the rewrite. I'm on Critique Circle now, previewing chapters there. I'm close to releasing chapter 2 here.

A little over a week ago, I got a letter from Lockheed Martin's lawyers. I had some inaccuracies on my home page they wanted corrected. That has been done.

2004-11-11 (Thursday) – Progress Report

I uploaded the new chapter 1 for Book 2 and removed other, obsolete chapters for Book 2. Started translation of the new chapter 2 from screenplay format to story format. Many changes in the Private Pages.

2004-10-19 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

I've managed a little over two pages in chapter 6, an excellent start and the transition of the action in chapter 5 is complete. I still need to complete the courtyard scene in chapter 5.

Chapter 4, version 2.0, dialog (in Private Pages) has been updated from dialog 0.0 to 0.1.

I'm documenting "Trelane-isms", trying to catch his speech patterns. I probably create a web page in Private Pages with this data. Right now it is in a Word file, mostly transcribed from scribbled notes.

2004-10-16 (Saturday) – Progress Report

Twelve plus pages of fun and adventure! I still need to go back and fill in that bit in the courtyard where Trelane runs amok (but a good kind of amok). And I'll need to simplify things at the two gates, too complex. Otherwise, a first pass of chapter 5 is done.

I'm tempted to immediately continue with chapter 6. I've left Trelane lying on his back in the grass, about 80 yards south of the village (a bit north of the quarry). Poor guy is all out of breath and scared half to death. It would be a shame to just leave him lying there. He might cool off, and the story could lose the fire of the moment.

2004-10-15 (Friday) – Progress Report

Was having a struggle with the bit in the courtyard. Skipped ahead to a pivotal scene in the courtyard and continued writing. A full eight and a half pages are complete.

2004-10-12 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

Not quite halfway through page 6 of chapter 5. Maybe I'll write more later.

2004-10-11 (Monday) – Progress Report

All the action this past week has been within the Private Pages: Chapter 2, v2.0 dialog has been updated; Chapter 3, v2.0 dialog has been edited and uploaded; Chapter 4 has been converted to dialog, edited to v2.0, and uploaded. On my PC, Chapter 5 is at three full pages and growing (I'm taking a short break to write this report). I strongly suspect that to finish Book 2 by year's end, I must finish the initial write of all chapters by the end of October.

It has come to my attention that my complex looking requirements for dialog consultants are scaring people. It is actually very simple: read, comment, earn $10. I've updated the help me page to reflect the simplified requirements. (Note; I deleted this page, 21-Dec-04.) One dialog reader, who is qualified for Trelane (reasonably fluent in Spanish) could also easily do Tedd Foxx. Meanwhile, I'm doing the best I can through my own efforts.

2004-10-02 (Saturday) – Progress Report

I've decided to go ahead and publish the new chapter 1 of Book 2 – Milliscent Awakens to the public area of the web site. I've still not found a satisfactory solution to realistic dialog from Tedd and Trelane (see the help me page for more information). (Note; I deleted this page, 21-Dec-04.) I've got to move ahead with this project, so I've started writing chapter 5.