Thoughts, a Blog: 2005, 1st Quarter

A blog about my efforts at writing.

Looks like I was really slackin' this quarter. I didn't get much done on Bot Story.

2005-03-12 (Saturday) — Progress Report

In January I concentrated on refining Book 2 at Critique Circle , but I let the whole project slide during February. Now in March, I've tweaked chapters 1 and 2 using feedback from CC. I think chapter 1 is the strongest it has ever been, and chapter 2 is very close to being fully done. I'll probably leave these chapters until all of Book 2 has been through at least one pass at CC.

After the first pass of chapter 3 at CC, I've realized it is such a mess I've decided to rewrite and resubmit the chapter for review there. So I've removed chapter 3 from the public area of this web site.

2005-01-03 (Monday) — Progress Report

The review of Book 2, chapter 2 is almost done at Critique Circle . I've decided to publish that version of chapter 2 here in the public pages.

Book 2, chapter 3 is ready for review at CC. I've decided to go ahead and publish that version of the chapter here in the public pages as well.

I brought the version of Book 2, chapter 1 that was in the public pages here, up to date.