Thoughts, a Blog: 2005, 2nd Quarter

Mostly this is a blog about my efforts at writing.

2005-06-14 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

Chapters 3 and 4 of Book 2 have been through the critique process at CC. I've finished my updates to chapter 3 and republished it here. I should have updates to chapter 4 done in the next few days. Chapter 5 is well under way.

2005-05-23 (Monday) – Progress Report

The final tweaks to chapter 3 are in at CC. The critique period starts for me at 10:00 pm on the 24th, but as CC's server is in Iceland, officially the period starts the 25th.

Chapter 4 is looking pretty solid. It is in queue at CC and might be up starting the 1st of June. That is, if we can keep the stream of critiques going in the Sci-fi – Fantasy – Horror queue.

2005-05-05 (Thursday) – Progress Report

The critique period is over at CC for my experimental chapter. I've incorporated changes to the experimental chapter here (Note; I deleted this page 23-Jun-05). And I've submitted a new version of chapter 3 at CC.

2005-05-01 (Sunday) – Progress Report

As my experimental chapter winds its way through review at CC, I've decided to remove chapter 3 from the web site and publish the experimental chapter here. In Book 2, check it out.

2005-04-19 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

My experimental chapter comes up for review at Critique Circle starting April 27th. Meanwhile, I've made a few minor tweaks to chapter 2 and I've made a little more progress on chapter 4.

2005-04-12 (Tuesday) – Progress Report

I've republished chapter 3 of Book 2 in my public pages here. After review at Critique Circle I expect there will be a few changes, but I don't anticipate anything major.

I did get the experimental bit submitted to CC and expect it to be reviewed starting April 20th. I've called it Do the Hop! (experimental). The choices are: Do the Head Hop! and Do the Time Hop! Personally, I'm starting to lean toward the time hop, which is reflected in my republished chapter 3.

I'll see if I cannot get my old chapter 3 updated at CC to reflect the latest changes done today.

I'll be at my parents for the next couple of days. I'm taking my laptop and I'll try to work on chapter 4 in the evenings.

2005-04-11 (Monday) – Progress Report

Yesterday I updated chapters 1 and 2 on Critique Circle . Last night I worked on chapter 3 and it's very close to done, except for the ending. I'll submit an experimental bit to CC with two different endings for chapter 3 and see what the reaction is.

2005-04-08 (Friday) – Progress Report

After a long period where I simply ignored this project, I'm back on track. I have tweaked Book 2, chapters 1 and 2 and am mostly done with a major rewrite of chapter 3. I'm getting deep into Milli's head in this chapter.

Chapter 4 is partly converted from screenplay format to story format. What a lot of work, but an interesting experiment. Still, I don't think I'll do that again.